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'Whatever happened, ________.'Dr. Daniel Faraday
D__!'Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
'NOT PENNY'S_________.'Charlie Pace
'Me Kate,_______.'Katherine 'Kate' Austen
'The way I feel about you,_____.'Elizabeth 'Libby ' Smith
'Thanks for _______.'Dr.Juliet Burke
'Don't mistake ________.'Mr.Eko
'We're not_____?'Frank Lapidus
'Why is there a________.'Carmen Reyes
'We have _________!'Dr. Jack Shepard
'You're _ _ Charlie'Desmond Hume
'See you in another ____.'Desmond Hume
'Don't tell me________.'John Locke
' Kiss me___.'Dr. Juliet Burke
'There I see no way I am moving_______.'Shannon Rutherford
'Don't open it,___.'Walt Lloyd
'She's not your______.'Danielle Rousseau
'You_______.'Charlie Pace
'He took ____.'Claire Littleton
'I'm not allowed_______.'Dr. Charlotte Staples Lewis
'Now you're_________.'Jacob
'You were all flawed, I chose you because___.'Jacob
'They teach you________at a box company?'Boone Caryle
'I was _________.' (gunshots)Ana-Lucia Cortez
'Dude there's a body bag back here,with a body in it.' '_____.'Miles Straume
'I never stopped______.'Sun-Hwa Kwon
'Just do it_____.'James 'Sawyer ' Ford
'Dad,they're serious,__________.'Alexandra 'Alex' Rousseau
'All we really need to survive is one person who___.'Penelope Hume
'He was a better man than I ever was,______.'Benjamin Linus
'I know you made a promise jack, but I'm letting you off the hook,______.'Boone Caryle
'We're_________Michael'Benjamin Linus
'My name is Sayid Jarrah,______.'Sayid Jarrah
'I just shot ____.'James 'Sawyer' Ford
'If we can't live together, we're gonna___.'Dr.Jack Shepard
I am a dentist, I _____.'Bernard Nadler
'Because I_______.'Dr. Jack Shepard
'You got it_.'James 'Sawyer' Ford
'They're probably thinking___________.'Rose Nadler
'You have 3 choices__________.'Danielle Rousseau
'You a doctor?' '_________.'Elizabeth 'Libby' Smith
'I'm sorry I forgot_______.'Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
'Tell me I'll_______.'Katherine 'Kate' Austen
'Two players,two sides,____.'John Locke
'I'm....sorry,you were.....right,______.'Jin-Soo Kwon
'You've got some _____.'Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
'What's are you doing?' 'Digging______________.'Benjamin Linus
'It's stressful_____.'Dr.Juliet Burke
'How many times do I have to tell you John,____.'Benjamin Linus
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