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How many times has Juliet dislocated her shoulder?
Who knocks Sun unconscious?
What is the name of the season 2 finale?
What are the Names of the women at the looking glass?
How many times do Jack and Kate kiss?
Name the Oceanic six in alphabetical order
Who rescues Jack when he is stuck in a cave in?
Who has the last Line of season 3?
Who is candidate number 51?
Who is 'red'?
Name one member of Locke's team
What small animal is harassing Sawyer in season 2?
How does Anthony Cooper die?
'Don't tell me...'
What is the name of Hugo's friend the mental hospital?
What does Bernard do for a living?
Name one pair of siblings to survive the crash
What Is the name of the flight attendant to survive the crash?
Ben was born ___ miles outside of Portland
What I said the first thing Jacob says to Locke?
Who does Hugo run over with the DHARMA van?
How old was Charlie when he died?
What does Jack pull from Charlie's throat in the flash sideways?
How many times does Claire go into labor? ( including flash-sideways)
According to Locke, Boone was the______the island demanded.
In DOC, Juliet takes Sun for an ultrasound, she says the baby was concieved____ days ago
What is the name of Juliet's sister and her nephew
How old is Sayid at the time of his death?
What is on Charlie's ring?
What is the name of Jack's son in the flash sideways?
Which one of Mikhail's eyes is missing?
Who does Michael ACCIDENTALLY shoot?
When is Aaron's birthday?
The order of Vincent's owners (who took care of him first, next)
When Sawyer is in the hatch being treated for a gunshot wound, Kate leaves to fetch him some food, what does she bring him?
Sun is pregnant, who is first to know?
In season 1,Locke has a vision of Boone, his face is bloody and he is saying something, what is it?
Who poisoned Michael (season 1)?
In Left Behind, Jack regains consciousness and asks about Juliet, he makes a mistake however and refers to her as____.
When Claire goes into labor in the flash sideways, how many weeks pregnant is she?
Who is Claire's pre island boyfriend?
Who kills the Man in black?
Who finds Daniel?

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