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Can you name the former football franchises names that were a real at a point in time (R) and the fake ones (F)?

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Team NameReal or Fake
Boston Bulldogs
Buffalo Jets
Milwaukee Badgers
Los Angeles Dons
Muncie Flyers
Michigan Lions
Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets
Chicago All-Americans
Cleveland Colts
Boston Yanks
Brooklyn Lions
Racine Tornadoes
Duluth Rockets
Detroit Tigers
Kenosha Maroons
Canton Bisons
Minneapolis Red Jackets
Oakland Bears
Akron Yanks
Los Angeles Tigers
New York Yanks
Philadelphia Cardinals
Brooklyn Dodgers
Pottsville Indians
St. Louis All-Stars
Baltimore Colts
Detroit Heralds
New York Indians
Team NameReal or Fake
Boston Tigers
Rock Island Independents
Boston Pros
Frankford Yellow Jackets
New Hampshire Patriots
Staten Island Stapeltons
Akron Indians
Buffalo Bisons
St. Louis Blues
Hartford Blues
Arizona Rams
Washington Senators
Buffalo Bills
Evansville Crimson Giants
Newark Tornadoes
Carolina Tigers
Hammond Pros
St. Louis Blue Jays
Dayton Triangles
Los Angeles Buccaneers
Rochester Jeffersons
Chicago Hornets
Miami Seahawks
Dallas Oilers
Louisville Colonels
Canton Bulldogs
New York Brickley Giants
Cincinnati Reds
Team NameReal or Fake
Brooklyn Tigers
San Francisco Giants
Oorang Indians
Buffalo Rangers
St. Louis Gunners
Miami Marines
Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Reds
Detroit Wolverines
Providence Steam Rollers
Cincinnati Celts
Duluth Eskimos
Houston Cowboys
Boston Eagles
Kansas City Cowboys
Dallas Texans
Tonawanda Kardex
Washington Colonels
Columbus Tigers
Toledo Marrons
Chicago Tigers
Cleveland Bulldogs
Detroit Panthers
Washington Cavaliers
Wisconsin Packers
New York Yankees
New York Eskimos
Kansas City Royals

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