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Can you complete the trivia from the first two Halloweentown movies?

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Forced Order
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What year was Halloweentown released?
Who created the theme music for Halloweentown?
What are the names of the three Piper children?
How old is Marnie in the first Halloweentown movie?
Aggie Cromwell is played by which actress?
When did Marnie's parents meet?
What does Marnie draw on her notebooks during class?
Who is referred to as a 'wall ornament' in the first movie?
Who gets the A's in the family?
When will Gwen tell Marnie her reasons for not celebrating Halloween?
Complete the quote: 'Being normal is ______________.'
On which day of the year does the portal open?
Who is the mayor of Halloweentown?
What does Kalabar offer Sophie when he meets her in the first movie?
What is the name of the cab driver?
How long has Aggie lived in the same house?
What did Sophie wish the lock would turn into?
Complete the quote: 'That's what I get for trying to use ______.'
For homemade witches brew, you need the sweat of what creature?
How does Sophie remember spells?
Where does Marnie ask for a part time job in the first movie?
Who refers to themselves as 'the big cheese'?
What type of creature is Luke?
What kind of shop does the Abominable Snowman own?
Who has a thing for Gwen?
Kalabar always lets his ______ do the talking.
Complete the quote: 'Mortal see, __________.'
Who says, 'she is born in the human world, and human is what she'll be.'
What is the name of Kalabar's son?
Golem's are made up of what?
What spell is cast on Halloweentown in the second movie?
Who says, 'sensible shoes are important.'
What are the colors of Aggie's head phones used in the second movie ?
How many copies are there of Aggie's spellbook?
When something is lost, where does it end up?

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