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Charm that Harry uses to save himself from Voldemort in Goblet of FireA
Last name of Muggle Studies TeacherB
Charm Used to Disorient the OpponentC
Forest where Harry finds the real Sword of Gryffindor in Deathly HallowsD
Wizarding game played with combusting cardsE
Secret Keeper's CharmF
Hagrid's Half-BrotherG
First name of the owner of Hufflepuff's Cup before Tom RiddleH
First name of the Original Owner of the Hallow, The Cloak of InvisibilityI
Date of the Third Task of The Triwizard TournamentJ
Ron Weasley's position on the Gryffindor Quidditch TeamK
Caused Voldemort's Ultimate Downfall L
Mother of the heir of SlytherinM
Last Horcrux to be destroyedN
First Name of Hagrid's Love InterestO
Dudley Dursley's right hand manP
Game originating in ancient timesQ
The deatheater who stole a HorcruxR
part of the uniform is a cane for beating.S
How the Death Eaters found Harry, Ron, and Hermione on Tottenham Court RoadT
If drank, it will cause the drinker to live a cursed lifeU
Caught kissing Teddy Lupin in Deathly HallowsV
Elf accused of making the Dark MarkW
Man who tried to recreate Ravenclaw's diademX
Voldemort's Original Wand: Phoenix feather and _____Y
Popular shop in Hogmeade Z

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