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Can you name the Can you name the Glee characters by their picture?

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Gay guy who transferred to Dalton and back
Gay guy who transferred to McKinley
Dumb Cheerleader
Bratty Cheerleader
Cheerleader who got pregnant in the first season
Self-Centered head of New Directions
Head football player, head of New Directions
Football player with mohawk
Blonde football player
Female Asian
Male Asian
Guy in Wheelchair
Cheerleading Coach
New Directions Coach
#5's Baby
#14's Ex-Wife
#14's Girlfriend, Guidance Counselor
#1's Girl BFF
#1's Dad
#7's Mom
Female Wrestler, Ex- member of New Directions
Ex- Bully who turned out to be gay
Football Player and New Directions member in season 1
Perverted news kid who likes #6
Ex- Football Coach
Football Coach
Big Black Football player
#15's Adopted mother
News man
News man's Girlfriend
#6 Ex-Boyfriend who betrayed her
Ex-Glee club coach
Irish Exchange student
Horrible singer with Aspbergers
Cheerleader, #13's 'Sidekick', Has Down Syndrome
#16's worker
#13's Sister who has Down Syndrome
#16's sister
Doctor, #17's Ex-Boyfriend
Always drunk friend of #14
Substitute of spanish and New Directions
Girl who transferred to another glee club after being sent to a crackhouse by #6
Hotshot member of rival glee club

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