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Can you name the Gilmore Girls A-Z?

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HintAnswerStarts with the letter
Who was Lorelai dating when she kissed Max?A
What did it say on the shirt Kirk made?B
Who plays Tristan? C
What is Luke's last name?D
In what episode does Lorelai have to water Dwight's lawn?E
What is Rory's fist boyfriend's last name?F
Who is the local mechanic? G
What is the name of the taco place Lorelai and Rory visit after there day at Yale?H
What is the life and death brigades saying? (in latin)I
What type of car does Lorelai drive?J
Who plays Emily Gilmore?K
What is Rory's middle name?L
Who was Lorelai engaged to in the begginig of the second season?M
HintAnswerStarts with the letter
What is Luke's daughter's last name?N
What saying does Lorelai claim is the funniest saying in the world?O
What club's table does Rory accidentally sit at after the Guidance councilor told her to be more social?P
Instead of saying w**** they said women of ....Q
What is the name of the episode when Rory has two birthday parties?R
A catalogue was addressed to Lorelai under this name?S
What brand of car does Rory get after she graduates High School?T
what rory talks about what embarassing thing on her first real date?U
What is Lorelai's middle name?V
What does Lane say instead of the word sex?W
What letter did ended the nickname of Richards mother?X
What school does Rory end up attending?Y
What attitude did Luke 'adapt' that lasted 10 minutes?Z

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