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Can you name the Physics 135 topic used in this real work application??

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Physics 135The Real World
 A person driving a plane gives the control tower workers his speed and direction as he is flying into the the airport
 A scientist spins test turbes in a centrifuge
 A cook uses a fan in an oven to cook a meal
 You make tea by placing a tea bag in hot water
 You pull a table cloth out from under a set of dishes. The dishes don't move.
Physics 135The Real World
 Dandilion seeds drigt through the air in order to spread seeds other places where new dandilions can grow
 Space ships spin in order to produce a feeling of gravity
 Soldiers callculate where a buller will hit the ground if they shoot it from with a known velocity
 You calculate the amount of work you need to do to burn off the ice cream sundae you just ate
 You calculate the energy you use while reading a book by the light of a 70W light bulb

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