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Can you name the important names and events between 1816-1838?

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Political party disbanded after the War of 1812
Sole political party between 1816-1824
Pleasant time under Pres. James Monroe
Regional interests > national interests
Plan by Henry Clay to unite country
Infrastructure improvement in NY under this plan:
In 1820, this territory wanted to become a slave state
Which region of the country was in opposition?
Which region of the country was in support?
Agreement which settled the dispute
Free state added to maintain balance:
Line above which all territory would remain free
Declaration which proclaimed US neutrality
Area off-limits to Europe by above declaration
Election of 1824 candidate from MA
Election of 1824 candidate from TN
Election of 1824 candidate and House Speaker
Tiebreaker if no candidate wins a majority of EVs
Election of 1824 winner
Election of 1824 winner's Secretary of State
Election of 1824 sometimes referred to as
D-R party splits: Southern faction called:
D-R party splits: Northern faction called:
Election of 1828 winner
Election of 1828 winner's heroic battle:
System to reward political supporters
1830 legislation to push Native Americans west
Cherokee route was called the:
Trying to fit in with a dominant culture
Court case Jackson refused to enforce
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for that case
Above Chief Justice's political party
Harsh tariff passed by Congress in 1828
Which region did the tariff hurt most?
Theory that states can ignore federal law
Man who created a compromise tariff
Jackson's 'many headed' enemy
Presidential tool to block legislation
Type of ruler critics mockingly called Jackson
Jackson's nickname:

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