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Can you name the 50 Greatest Neil Young Songs According to MOJO Magazine?

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RankingSong TitleRecommended Version - Album, Year
1(After the Gold Rush, 1970)
2(Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, 1969)
3(Harvest, 1972)
4(After the Gold Rush, 1970)
5(Weld, 1991)
6(Live at Massey Hall 1971, 2007)
7(Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, 1969)
8(Buffalo Springfield Again, 1967)
9(Harvest, 1972)
10(Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, 1969)
11(Tonight's the Night, 1975)
12(Rust Never Sleeps, 1979)
13(Decade, 1977)
14(Zuma, 1975)
15(After the Gold Rush, 1970)
16(After the Gold Rush, 1970)
17(Buffalo Springfield Again, 1967)
18(Harvest, 1972)
19(Rust Never Sleeps, 1979)
20(Harvest, 1972)
21(Tonight's the Night, 1975)
22(On the Beach, 1974)
23(Soundtrack, 1993)
24(Harvest Moon, 1992)
25(Rust Never Sleeps, 1979)
RankingSong TitleRecommended Version - Album, Year
26(single, 1968)
27(Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, 1969)
28(On the Beach, 1974)
29(Tonight's the Night, 1975)
30(After the Gold Rush, 1970)
31(Freedom, 1989)
32(Harvest, 1972)
33(On the Beach, 1974)
34(Time Fades Away, 1973)
35(After the Gold Rush, 1970)
36(Ragged Glory, 1990)
37(Trans, 1982)
38(Comes A Time, 1978)
39(American Stars 'n Bars, 1977)
40(On the Beach, 1974)
41(Buffalo Springfield Again, 1967 / greatest hits version)
42(Sleeps With Angels, 1994)
43(Prairie Wind, 2005)
44(Neil Young, 1968)
45(Rust Never Sleeps, 1979)
46(Decade, 1977)
47(Harvest Moon, 1992)
48(On the Beach, 1974)
49(Live Rust, 1979)
50(Broken Arrow, 1996)

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