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Forced Order
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Who was creating vampire's to feed on vampire's
Who beat stefan in an arm wrestle at the carnival
Who covers up vampire attacks as animal attacks
Who was damon's best friend
Where is full of magical artifacts
Who was THE Augustine vampire
Who was the only main character to never be compelled
What are witches/vampires called
Who died headfirst in a fountain
Who were seline and sybil
Who is the only vampire to die from the sun
What female ran hell when Cade died
Name the doppelgagers in order of age
Founding Family
Who gave elena her first diary
What original does jeremy kill to finish his hunters mark
Who took stefan's virginity
Whos phone number is this 404-358-4345
Who created hell
Who was pregnant with klaus's baby
Who gave up his life to save elena's
Which original was the sacrifice the end the existance of vampires
Who was the last remaining vampire
Founding Family
Who was the only non vampire to die in the founders day fire
Who is the psychopath
Who spends a night in New York on a roof top with Lexi
Founding Family
Who made Stefan's and Damon's rings
What object can kill a siren
Who was the vampire in the hybrid sacrifice
Who helped bonnie open the tomb
What object does jo hide her magic in
What was stefan and damons house before the moved back in
Who dessicated Mikael
The mother/daughter vampire's
Who are the first gemini twins we meet
Who is the first Original we meet
Who died on her wedding day
Who spent two seasons in a coffin
Who are the last gemini twins
Who was the vampire hunting teacher
What does enzo give bonnie on there last day in paris
Who rings the bell that releases hellfire
Where does bonnie hide her magic
Founding Family
Who was wes's inspiration
Who was Klaus's first successful hybrid
Who appears and dies in the same episode
Who was the cause of Alaric's finally death
What did damon and elena drive his car in to
Founding Family
Who is the vampire who died in damon's arms
In the last season what does matt plan on becoming
Who was the first Salvatore vampire
Who was the last character to be seen in season 2 the last episode
Who has the largest bloodline
Who is the first female vampire
Who was the owner on the phoenix sword
The original's vampire Father
Who kills his fiancée
Who was injected her patience with vampire blood

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