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Can You Name the the Simpsons related things starting with each letter of the alphabet? This is a tough one!

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Homer went on hunger strike to protest the Isotopes moving to this cityA
The incumbent (last name) when Mr. Burns ran for governorB
The surgical procedure Moe performed on HomerC
The name of the race horse owned by Homer and raced by BartD
The last word uttered by Krusty's father before he diedE
Abe's WWII squad that formed a tontine for stolen German paintingsF
Bart puts messages in the mouth of this Jewish mythological creature in the 17th Halloween specialG
The fictional Native American tribe from which Lisa claims her ancestryH
The word Lisa incorrectly spells at the Spellympics in CalgaryI
The voice of the fox that told Homer to find his soulmateJ
The Simpsons' African tour guide who becomes President in 'Simpson Safari'K
Occupation of Homer's supposed father, Mason FairbanksL
The name of Moe's girlfriend who happens to be a little personM
The musician (last name) that Homer endorses for president when he becomes a political punditN
The city from which the 'Barley Jacks' migrate to SpringfieldO
Name of the amusement park Ned opens in Maude's honourP
In the episode where Homer skips marriage counselling to catch a giant catfish, this is what John calls GloriaQ
In this 'country', people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat peopleR
The name of the Italian town in which Sideshow Bob is mayor (English translation accepted)S
Singer (last name) who performs while Homer is in outer spaceT
One of the hazing rituals Homer must pass to become a StonecutterU
The reason Joe Namath's car broke downV
Baseball player knocked out by Barney over an argument regarding England's greatest Prime MinisterW
This superhero gets trapped in Mylar by 'the Collector'X
When Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph form a boy band, LT Smash writes this subliminal message into their songY
The power plant employee who is as American as apple pieZ

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