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Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of this month of the Hebrew calendar1
This is worn to commemorate [Rung 4] disguising her identity2
You should do this, until you cannot distinguish between the names of [Rung 7] and [Rung 12]3
King Achashverosh's wife, and [Rung 12]'s cousin, that replaced [Rung 15] as Queen4
The custom of not eating or drinking prior to Purim5
Noisemaker (pictured above) used to drown out the name of [Rung 7]6
The villain of Purim, who attempted to exterminate the Jewish people7
Fruit-filled triangular pastries eaten on Purim8
[Rung 8] is shaped in such a way as to commemorate this article of clothing belonging to [Rung 7]9
The scroll from which the story of Purim is read10
Gifts given to friends/family/community, customarily handed out on or before Purim11
His refusal to bow down to [Rung 7] is the basis of the story of Purim12
The empire in which the story of Purim took place13
The tradition of walled cities celebrating Purim on the 15th of [Rung 1]14
King Achashverosh's wife at the beginning of the story of Purim15

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