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Can you name the Passover related things starting with each letter of the alphabet?

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I have included as many alternate spellings as I could think of. Please leave suggestions for additional spellings in the comments
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HintAnswerFirst Letter
The piece of matzah that is broken off and hiddenA
The 13th step of the seder, where grace after meals is recitedB
A word used to describe bread and other products that we are not permitted to eat on PassoverC
Translated to 'It would have been enough', we say this after reciting the things G-d did for the JewsD
A cup of wine is poured, and the door is left open, for this prophetE
The tenth and final plague, the Angel of Death slew this member of each Egyptian familyF
The animal that father bought for two zuzimG
The book from which we read the Passover storyH
Rabbi Judah ben _____, who created the 'd’tzach, adash, b’achab' mnemonic of the ten plaguesI
The seder concludes with the chant: 'Next year in __________'J
Kiddush is recited at this, the first of the fifteen steps of the sederK
The eighth of the ten plaguesL
This is eaten as a reminder of the bitterness of slaveryM
HintAnswerFirst Letter
The Hebrew month in which Passover occursN
The name of the period that commences with Passover and ends with ShavuotO
The monarchical title pertaining to the king of EgyptP
Four of these lead into the discussion of how Passover differs from all other nightsQ
The body of water that was split during the Jews' exodus from EgyptR
Matzah which has been made from grain which was guarded from the time of either reaping or grindingS
The teacher of Rabbi Akiva and the last of the five mentioned Rabbis at B'nei BrakT
Bread consumed on Passover must be:U
Otherwise known as 'Karpas', this is eaten as a reminder of the backbreaking work of slaveryV
The second of the four sons in Mah NishtanaW
The term used to described the Jews leaving Egpyt: E_____X
The fourth step of the seder, where the middle matzah is broken in twoY
[In Hebrew] The item on the seder plate reminiscent of the Angel of Death passing over Jewish homesZ

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