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QUIZ: Can you name the Jewish things that start with the letter 'K'?

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The ninth month of the Jewish year
A potato and flour dumpling stuffed with potato and onion, chopped liver or cheese
The frame of mind required for prayer or performance of a mitzvah
The Jewish marriage contract
The passover ritual where a green vegetable is dipped in salt water
Jewish mysticism
A sect of Judaism that, like the ancient Sadducees, does not accept the oral Torah, but relies solely on the written scriptures
The white robes in which the dead are buried, worn by some during Yom Kippur services
The evening service of Yom Kippur, or the prayer that begins that service
Describes food that is permissible to eat under Jewish dietary laws
A prayer recited over wine sanctifying Shabbat or a holiday
A prayer in Aramaic praising G-d, commonly associated with mourning practices
The skullcap head covering worn by Jews during services, and at all times by some Jews
A style of music in Yiddish culture normally characterized by wailing, squealing sounds of clarinets
A casserole of potatoes, eggs and onion, or a dessert of noodles, fruits and nuts in an egg based pudding

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