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Can you name the Jewish things starting with the letters 'F', 'I' and 'J'?

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Otherwise known as 'Ma Nishtana' on Passover 
The black Jews of Ethiopia 
A Yiddish term to describe foods that contain meat 
The practice of abstaining from eating and drinking on certain holidays 
One of the 10 plagues in Egypt involved the slaying of this 
Son and spiritual heir of Abraham 
The second month of the Jewish calendar 
Firstborn son of Abraham by Sarah's Egyptian maidservant, Hagar 
The name by which Jacob is commonly referred 
One of Jacob's sons and one of the 12 tribes of Israel 
One of Jacob's sons and one of the 12 tribes of Israel 
Jacob's son who owned a technicolor dreamcoat 
Compiler of the Mishnah 
The holiest city in Judaism 
One of the 3 patriarchs of Judaism 

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