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Can you name the country based on the rhyming riddles? (See Game Note)

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Use it on tinder, it really takes balls.
A pick-up line, about an Angel that Falls

The home of a hero, no it's no rumour.
Get to the chopper, it's not a tumour

She stood for a cause, nearly ended up dead.
For girls' education, she was shot in the head

Ravaged by war, it must have been hell.
Until Don Cheadle, opened up his hotel

There's not much to say, with tourism lacking.
But one thing is clear, it has Sporcle's backing

In this coastal nation, you will be awe-struck.
By how many people, tell the president good luck

I hope you are fast, you energy's stored.
'Cause if you can't run, prepare to be gored

The music's fantastic, so don't miss a gig.
And swim in the bay, there aren't any pigs

Lift up your spirits, I don't mean to gloat.
It's hard to feel down, where everything floats

Ravaged by earthquake, but it will survive.
With Wyclef's rendition, of Stayin' Alive

By Spain it was pillaged, they did it with spite.
Llamas and tourists, now frequent this site

Not too far, from the land of the shogun.
Was an interview, by Franco and Rogen

You must see its islands, you'll make a connection.
Or read from a book, about natural selection

With so much to see, it sure is a thriller.
Or listen to Jada, Schwimmer and Stiller

The cartoon's a lie, it's not on the level.
There's no such thing, as a fast spinning devil

The people are pious, they fear el diablo.
But worse was a kingpin, whose first name was Pablo

Leo DiCaprio, was really great.
Searching for diamonds, in this war torn state

Secret traditions, it isn't a joke.
It's time for a change, when you see white smoke

McCartney Harrison, and Starr are all cooler.
Than their pal with a typo, a once famous ruler

The beaches serene, it really relaxes.
But some prefer racing, and no income taxes

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