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Can you name the country based on the rhyming riddles? (See Game Note)

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There aren't any Syrias, Iraqs and Kuwaits.
Only a Jordan, the best of the greats

It's surely a wonder, it's truly a sight.
It's volume is one third, B squared times height

There aren't any yearbooks, classes or fountains.
Just a superlative, for one of its mountains

A visit is needed, like a dog and its bone.
But no trip's complete, if your lips don't taste stone

A nation divided, it's surely inane.
Much like the hill, that's insane in the brain

Put down the sponge, there's no time for cleaning.
With a building upright, so long as you're leaning

The water is falling, a beautiful scene.
The name of this landmark, is fit for a queen

Hustle and bustle, a very fast pace.
A common myth, that you can see it from space

They mostly are Christian, believers in Santa.
But this little country, is far from Atlanta

When it gets cold, the locals say 'frio'.
More so up north, by their grande rio

Stroll down the beaches, amid setting sun.
The locals might tell you, 'welcome here, mon'

Homer and Marge, may not need a visa.
As all of the tourists, have come to see Lisa

Cut off from its pals, like poor old John Bobbit.
There's nothing to fear, unless you're a hobbit

A change in regime, lead to this thing.
Where Anna does not, need to bow to the king

There's one main attraction, it's very specific.
If crossing the pond, it connects the Pacific

With so much to do, it's a land for the living.
But don't get hung up, on your food for Thanksgiving

The people are friendly, they sure are a hoot.
Ask of their shoes, and they'll tell you a boot

A beautiful country, like out of a fable.
Up on the mountain, a world famous table

A beach lover's Eden, with hard bodies teeming.
But that isn't all, says a statue redeeming

A body of water, connects it to Malta.
But you won't find Olivia, or John Travolta

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