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Can you name the Jewish things that start with the letter 'C'?

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One of the major movements of Judaism, accepting the binding nature of Jewish law but believing that the law can change
A type of sacrifice used to atone for and expiate unintentional sins
A common way of wishing someone 'happy holidays', usually on Sukkot, Shavuot and Passover
The eighth month of the Jewish calendar
The Hebrew word for 'living' or 'life', with a numerical value of 18
A ceremony performed in some Reform and Conservative synagogues to replace or supplement the Bar Mitzvah
The braided bread that is eaten on Shabbat
A mixture of fruit, wine and nuts eaten at the Passover seder to symbolize mortar used by the Jewish slaves in Egypt
A compilation of the first five books of the Bible and corresponding readings from the prophets, organized in the order of the weekly Torah portions
Cantor; the person who leads the congregation in prayer
The wedding canopy, symbolic of the groom's home, under which the nisuin portion of the wedding ceremony is performed
Leavened grain products that may not be eaten on Passover
A slow cooked stew, usually consisting of beef, beans, and barley, which is typically served on Shabbat day
The eight day 'festival of lights' celebrating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem
An organization devoted to caring for the dead

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