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Can you name the Jewish things that start with the letter 'B'?

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A thin, crepe-like pancake rolled around a filling of potato and onion, cheese, or fruit
The black Jews of Ethiopia; sometimes referred to as Falashas
The ceremony celebrating a 12 year old girl's transition into womanhood
The leader of the last and most successful Jewish rebellion against Rome in 132-135 C.E
A place set aside for study of sacred texts such as the Torah and the Talmud; generally a part of the synagogue or attached to it
The Hebrew term for 'synagogue'
A rabbinical court that resolves issues of Jewish law
The custom at Jewish weddings where the groom places the veil over the bride's face before the ceremony commences
Grace after meals
The ritual circumcision of a male Jewish child on the 8th day of his life or of a male convert to Judaism
The ceremony celebrating a 13 year old boy's transition into manhood
A non-orthodox Jew who turns to embrace orthodox Judaism
One of Jacob's 12 sons and one of the 12 tribes of Israel
The pedestal on which the Torah scrolls are placed when they are being read in the synagogue
The notion of a predestined spouse; a soul mate

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