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Can you name the Gilmore Girls: Minor Characters?

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Owned the house that Luke bought for Lorelai
Owned Weston's bakery and The Dragonfly
Harp player at the Independence Inn during Season 1
Owned the Independence Inn
Paris' much older boyfriend
Dean's sister
Lane's Korean boyfriend
Liz and TJ's daughter
Jess' Dad
Christopher's Father
Rory's Half Sister
Owned the Stars Hollow Newsstand
Christopher's Mother
Rory's date to Finn's birthday party
Chilton Headmaster
Emily's Personal Stylist
Logan's sister
Luke's attorney girlfriend
Runs the Stars Hollow bookstore
Jess' girlfriend at the beginning of Season 3
Rory, Paris and Janet's Yale roommate
Jackson's cousin
Yale Daily News staff member who went on spring break with Rory, Paris and Janet
Luke's photographer girlfriend
Chilton boy who kissed Rory
Paris' life coach
Jackson's brother
Leader of the Puffs at Chilton
Owner of '(his name)'s Pancake World'
Paris' Princeton boyfriend
Chilton student who fears Paris and was in Into the Woods on Broadway
Logan's Mother

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