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Who was Scott turned by?
What was the name of Stiles mother?
What is Coach Finstock's first name?
What did the symbol that the Oni marked people with mean?
Where did Stiles lose his virginity?
Who was killed by the alpha pack?
What condition did Erica have before she was turned?
Who beat up Stiles at the end of season 2?
Who went into Stiles' head to free him from the nogitsune?
What can Kira control?
What colour is Lydia's hair?
Where does Liam's stepdad work?
What is Isaac's lacrosse jersey number?
At the end of what season does Allison break up with Scott?
Who was in control of the kanima?
What position does Jordan Parrish have at the sheriff station?
What language is the bestiary in?
What subject does Malia struggle the most in?
Which two pack members did Isaac live with?
What condition did getting the bite cure Scott from?
What was the name of Derek's childhood love?

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