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What book does Snape catch Harry with?
What's is Hagrid's dragon named?
What parts of the Unicorn are used in Potions?
What is the name of the train station?
How many owls are required to carry Harry's parcel? (broom)
Where is the boa constrictor from?
Who does the commentating for the Quidditch matches?
What does Quirrel use to put Fluffy to sleep?
What is the name of the goblin that helps Harry and Hagrid?
Why type of sweet does Dumbledore offer McGonagall on Privet Drive?
What would you get if you added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?
What is Mrs Weasley's second cousin's job?
Who first mentions Nicolas Flamel to Harry?
What is the Christmas dessert?
What color is always Ron's jumper?
How many birthday presents does Dudley get?
What planet do the centaurs say is bright?
What is the librarian's name?
How many children do the Weasley's have?
What flavor of Every Flavor Bean did Dumbledore eat as a kid that ruined them?
What house does Susan Bones get sorted into?
What was Neville's best class and worst class?
What did Peeves say if he grabbed your nose?
Who had Ron's wand before him?
When must Harry have an owl sent into Hogwarts by?

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