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What does Ron call a telephone?
Who does Professor Trelawney say will become a great seer?
What charm does Hermione miss?
What is Madam Pomfrey's first name?
Who found Neville's list of passwords?
What must students turn a teapot into for their transfiguration final?
What is the title of the newspaper article Harry reads on the Knight Bus?
What classes does Hermione have on Mondays at 9 o'clock?
What is the spell that Lupin performs on Snape when he is knocked out?
How long must the students keep their Flobberworms alive for?
What time does Aunt Marge's train come in?
How much does Percy bet that Gryffindor will beat Ravenclaw?
What type of broom does Cho Chang ride?
What is the wizard equipment shop in Hogsmeade called?
Who teaches Arithmancy?
Where is Sirius Black locked in the castle?

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