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Forced Order
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Why was Congress not able to do anything to stop Shay's Rebellion?
Who has the power to raise an army?
What are the three branches of the American government?
Who has the power to issue currency?
What does the Supremacy Clause do?
Who has the right to make taxes?
What did the Embargo Act of 1807 do?
What is when The Supreme Court is given the power to deem laws unconstitutional
How did Washington react to the Whiskey Rebellion?
What led to the Supreme Court receiving the power of judicial review?
Who has the right to charter banks?
Is America a federation or a confederation?
Who has the power to regulate foreign trade?
Did George Washington believe that America should become involved in European affairs?
Were the Democratic Republicans in favor of a loose or strict interpretation of the constitution?
Who is given the right to determine how to hold elections?
What was the cause of Shay's Rebellion?
What forbade any future European colonization and interference in the western hemisphere
What is a concurrent power?
Why were Americans angered over the XYZ affair?
Who was the father of the National Bank?
Which party supported France?
What was the first constitution of America?
Who bought the Louisiana Purchase?
What started the Whiskey Rebellion?
Why was there tension between America and Great Britain during the country's earlier which would lead to the War of 1812?
What two controversial acts did John Adams pass?
Why were Americans outraged over Jay's treaty?
What was the purpose of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?
Who is given the right to establish and maintain schools?
Who founded the Democratic Republicans?
What is a reserved power?
What is a delegated power?
What was the Bill of Rights a result of?
Who founded the Federalist Party?
Why was the election of 1800 controversial?
Who has the right to administer criminal justice?
Which European country did the Federalists support?
What does the Checks and balances system do?
Who is given the right to make marriage laws?

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