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Jacksonian Democracy Unit 4

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What piece of legislature gave the president the authority to use the military to collect tariffs?
What the Anti Masonic Party against?
Who proposed the Tariff of Abominations?
What were the three demands made by the Seneca Falls Convention?
Did Andrew Jackson like paper currency or hard currency?
What was the opposition party to the Democrats in the election of 1836?
Who won the election of 1828?
Who was an advocate for the proper treatment of the mentally ill?
Which president was the first minority president?
Why did Southerners want to annex Texas?
Where was the largest battle of the Texan War for Independence?
Who is known as the 'Great Compromiser'?
Who was the main leader of the Anti Slavery Movement?
Why did the Whigs lose the election of 1836?
What did Nicholas Biddle believe that the National Bank had the power to do?
What was the spoils system?
What was a result of the Tariff of 1828?
What was the Specie Circular Act of 1836?
What was known as the corrupt bargain?
What was the route taken by thousands of Indians who moved west?
Who won the election of 1836
Which regions of America were generally opposed to tariffs?
Why did Martin Van Buren lose the election of 1840?
The tariff of 1833 which gradually reduced the rate of the Tariff of 1832 by 10 percent over eight years also known as the___________
How was William Henry Harrison depicted during his campaign?
Where was the first major gathering of Women's Rights advocates?
Which South Carolinian politician was in favor of nullification?
What tariff was passed to try and quell the Nullification Crisis?
Which president tried to block the annexation of Texas?
Who won the election of 1824?
Who won the election of 1840?
Which president was able to pay off the national debt?
What were the three causes of the Panic of 1837?
How did Jackson react to the Supreme Court's ruling on Native Americans?
Why did Northerners not want Texas admitted into the Union?
Did Jackson support states' rights or a strong federal government?
Why did the Whigs win the election of 1840?
How long did William Henry Harrison serve as president?
Who were the five civilized tribes?
Who was the head of the National Bank during Jackson's presidency?
Who was known as the 'Champion of Common Man'?
What helped end the Panic of 1837 in 1849?
Who was the leader of the Seminole Indians?
What helped revitalize the institution of slavery?
Which president created an independent treasury?
Why did John Quincy Adams anger many Westerners?
How did Jackson reward his supporters?
Where were the Indians forced to go after the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
Which president killed the National Bank?
Who led the Mexicans in the Texan War for Independence?

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