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Physical DescriptionChampion
Chains & Armour
Wizard Hat
Purple Scarf + Hood
Massive Shurikens
6 Ears
Dark Coloured Wings
Blue Scarf
Spiky Vines
Purple Hat
Facemask + Chopsticks
Floating Woman, Black Attire
4 Legs, Fat.
Big Body, Wings + Red Eyes
4 Arms, 2 Legs
9 Tails
Pink Hair
Swirly Tounge
Clockwork Ballerina
8 Limbs
Red Scarf, White Pony-Tail
Red Armour, Dark Skin
No Shoes
Blue/Grey Fur, Red Eyes
3 Fingers
Boar Rider
Viking Attire
Massive Potion, Riot Shield
Scar on Eye
Bipedal Lizard
Three Belts
Icepick + Snowballs
Bipedal Dog
Physical DescriptionChampion
Rune Prison Tattoos
Crystal Bug
Spear + Flag
7 Lens Helmet
Flying Blades
Long Brown Tail
Deep Sea Diver
Bushy Orange Hair
Bear Cape
Furry & Small
Red & Black Hair
Ghostly Lantern
1920's Supermodel
Helmet + Goggles
Fur + Tattoos
Machine + Yordle
Robe with Crow
Red Goggles + Cape
Fish with Blue Pendants
Big Bomb
Blue Skinned, Pink Attire
Eyepatch + Claws
Hairy Chest
3 Arms
Blue Wings
Man-Skirt + Spear
Long Red Cape
Spiky Shell
Black & White Dress
Big Brain
Just Rocks
Barbarian Attire
Wooden Limbs
Wrapped Hands
Physical DescriptionChampion
Furry Boots
Yellow + Black Designed Cape
Long Brown Hair + Hat
Red Attire, Sharp Claws
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Bipedal Bear
Bulky & Green
Lunar Marking
Small Purple + Yellow Yordle
1 Massive Arm & 1 Small Arm
Long Red Hair
Purple Haired Yordle
Blue & Yellow Hair
White Hair + Hood
Pig-tailed Yordle
Smelly + Green
Golden Angel
Flowing Red Robe
Gooey Club
White Hair + Massive Gauntlet
Bodyless but Armoured
Old Bearded Man
Purple Exoskeleton
Golden Metal
Golden Crown
Blue Mask + Blades
Single Horn
Orange Beard
Lantern + Rags
Cowboy Attire
Helmet + Shirtless
Checkered Pants

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