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Can you name the facts about Finland?

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CapitalIt's in the south
Population (2009 estimate) (a rough answer will do)More than in Fiji, less than in China
Current president (2009)Looks like Conan O'Brien
Official languagesHint: not English
Countries that Finland used to belong toNo, not Soviet Union
Who Finnish director was married to Geena Davis?Directed one of the worst movies of all time
What year did Finland win the Eurovision Song Contest?Yes, just one year
What other country's language is the most similar to Finnish?China's?
When was the Finnish civil war?Hint: not last year
What's probably the most famous Finnish thing?Starts with N and you might have one in your pocket
The national birdCould it be an ostrich? Maybe.
Who made up a language that was influenced by Finnish?I'm pretty sure the books he wrote are based on reality
What branch of Christianism is the most popular in Finland?Two big words
What was the currency before euro?This one came after the squirrel skins
What Finnish band won the Best Nordic Act at MTV Music Awards in 2003?Known for the song In The Shadows
Who's the most famous Finnish geek?I think it's a suitable name for a penguin

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