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Can you input valid solutions without using a contraband symbol?

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Which word for a romantic individual hails from a famous Spanish book about a man who fought windmills?
Which disco track is Lipps Inc.'s most famous song?
What animal was Captain Ahab's archrival?
Which mountainous Asian nation has a boundary with China, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan?
Which viridian-clad, bomb-carrying swordsman is occasionally wrongly thought of as his story's titular individual?
What do you call a mushroom at a party?
What part in Doc Brown's car grants him ability to warp through chronology?
Salvador Dalí is known for his work in what artistic philosophy?
According to a famous pangram, how many liquor jugs will you pack my box with?
What contagious ocular inflammation turns your orbs pinkish in color?
Which glyph follows C and is prior to F?

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Tags:e-less, fifth, input, solution, symbol

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