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Can you name the Zelda themed rungs on this word ladder?

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Wielder of the Master Sword
Tetra's signature facial expression
Propels the Deku Leaf
Majora's Mask can manipulate this
Where Gorons find their food
Ganon's trident has three
Zelda's heirloom ocarina controls this
Often found in a library
Poes often hang around one of these
Blue ones break cracked walls
You'll get an eyeful of this in Goron sumo
An iron pair makes Link heavy
The King of Red Lions, for one
Surrounds Hyrule Castle
ReDeads have a horrible one
Ravio does this with weapons
Ganon is stocky, but Link is...
Plant one now; it'll be useful in 7 years
Link's sword shoots this at full health
In Four Swords, many Links work as this
Vessels on the Great Sea might be made of this
Found at the front of a Loftwing
Epona is at Link's ___ and call
Attack a Darknut on this side
To lie in the sun (it's less scary than the moon)
Street performers like Guru-Guru do this
Moblins often have two
Everyone in trouble has one for Link
The happy salesman peddles these
Home of a crow's nest or Swift Sail
Where Link went in 1992
The names 'Link' and 'Zelda' ___ through generations

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