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P.T. Barnum billed his as 'The Greatest Show On Earth'
Sega released this console after the Genesis, but before the Dreamcast
In Greek mythology, these features on King Midas resembled a donkey's
In Doctor Who, the lead protagonist has a screwdriver of this type
The curve of a Gaussian function is said to have this shape
This day is observed on 26/12, by countries that would write the date like that
Many primates do this to each other, increasing their hygiene and social bonds
The video for this 2010 Lady Gaga and Beyoncé single parodies Quentin Tarantino's films
Hal Jordan is the most famous alter-ego of this DC superhero
US President Taft had a custom one built that could have comfortably seated four men
★ What's the common theme? ★

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