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⭖ Which style of preparing eggs can also describe a detective? ⭖
Which famous egg in 'Through the Looking-Glass' has difficulty remembering faces?
Which bird lays the largest egg?
What social media website displays eggs as the default avatars of new users?
What nonsense word, originally from Colossal Cave Adventure, is used as an Easter egg in many text adventures?
What was used by fairytale character Jack to reach a mansion that housed a goose which laid golden eggs?
As the result of a bet, the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' was written with only how many distinct words?
Sonic's nemesis, Eggman, was originally based off the appearance of which real-life human?
What word, meaning the number of eggs in a carton squared, also describes the smell of rotting eggs?
What famous Russian jeweled eggs are named for their creator?
⭖ Which style of preparing eggs is also the first name of an actor who has played detective Sherlock Holmes? ⭖
Which important location in US politics is described by a word coming from the Latin term for 'egg'?
What videogame reptile uses its tongue to turn enemies into eggs and then uses those eggs as ammunition?
What egg term can either be a type of soup, or a physics competition for students?
Whose egg refers to an idea or discovery that seems painfully obvious after being discovered?
According to popular wisdom, what can you not make without breaking a few eggs?
What two elemental types is the Egg Pokémon, Exeggcute?
In Navajo Code, what English word was coded as the Navajo word for egg?
What band's lead singer was pestered by the internet to 'please eat the eggs' for charity?
Along with eggs, which common household item is used to vandalize houses on Hallowe'en?
⭖ Which sidekick to the World's Greatest Detective is mocked in a children's song for having 'laid an egg'? ⭖

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