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Can you name the One Tree Hill facts only a true fan would know?

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In what season does Millie sleep with Owen?
Who sings the opening theme song?
What song does Haley sing to Nathan in Karen's Cafe?
Who does Nathan believe saved him and his Uncle Cooper from drowning in season 4?
What does Skills do for a job in season 9?
What is the name of Nathan and Brooke's sex tape?
In what season do Brooke's parents go bankrupt?
Who tries to kill Dan in the dealership fire?
Who saves Rachel Gatina from overdosing on heroin?
Name one of Brooke's high school boyfriends.
Where did Dan Scott get his heart transplant?
What is the name of Lucas' first book?
What is the real name of the woman Dan hires to seduce Keith?
Name Dan Scott's one grandson.
What is Peyton's record label called?
What is Psycho Derek's real name?
What is Clay's independent agency called?
What college did Nathan attend before being drafted?
What is the name of the first movie Julian sees with his father?
What is the name of the basketball camp Nathan attends in season 2?
What is the name of the rivalry cafe in season 9?
When Mouth is trapped in Texas, what word does he send Skills instead of assistance in a text message?
What is the name of Keith and Karen's daughter?
What is the name of Haley's dad?
What is the name of the episode in which Dan Scott dies?

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