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QUIZ: Can you name the K-POP SONG LYRICS?

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Yeogi buteora~ Modu moyeora~ We gon' party like lilili lalala
Neom chinda saenggakhae~ Neon naege neul geuraesseo~
Oneuldo eogimeobshi nan~ Boseonajil mothanae~ Neoui saenggak annesseo
I just want you baby here right now~ Now, now~ Saranghago ittan marya~
Neo jebal stop stop stop breaking my heart~ I love you girl~
Saranghae, saranghae, saranghanda~ Ireohke sorichyeo bulleobonda~
Neon nareul wonhae~ Neon naege ppajyeo~ Neon naege michyeo~ Heonal su eopseo~
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know~ But I'm hot, hot (You're hot)~
Don't stop, oneul bameul~ Tteoreooneun itneun saenggakhae~ Oooh
Please don't go, go,go~ Jebal tteonagajima~
Nan bilgo bireosseo niga niga~ Bullaeng harago~ Soksanghaesseo geuttaen geuttaen geuttaen~ Jeongmal geureosseo
Neo ttaeme jakkuman nae gasumi~ Neo ttaeme jakkuman nae momi
Watching~ Gyesok barabomyeo nan waiting~ Niga dagaogimaneul barae, eoseo naege~
Neoreul saenggakhamyeon deo~ Geoure bichin nae moseubeun machi~ Neomu yeppeunde~ Neoneun jakku wae~
Gomin ttawin No~ Mame deulmyeon Yes~ Nae shikdaero ganeun geoya dangdanghage~

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