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Has hemorrhoids.
Has an unidentified lip fungus.
Faints at the sight of the squirrel.
Believes her husband has been kidnapped.
Forgets the axe.
His name gets confused with Clark's.
Points out that the little lights aren't twinkling.
Has to wash the car and pay the bills rather than fix the lights.
Thinks Clark is Santa Clause.
Puts the turkey in the oven too early.
You can't see her pantie line.
Her eyes get frozen.
Receives the same gift from everyone.
Occasionally sneaks a smoke.
Gets punched in the face by his wife.
Says the plate in his head has been replaced with a plastic one.
Cries over her carpet when she spills wine.
Blows up the sewer.
It's her 80th Christmas.
He got a lot of help from Jack Daniels at Christmas.

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