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QUIZ: Can you name the The Last of Us Trivia?

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Which chapter marks the beginning of summer?Near the beginning.
Which character is implied to be a hebephile?First encountered in the Lakeside Resort chapter.
In which chapter is a PS3 visible on a shelf?The PS3 is completely unharmed.
Which chapter contains 3 bloaters, at least 5 clickers and 10 stalkers/runners?Where can you find 3 bloaters in the same place?
In which chapter does Ellie find her flashlight?Also the first time Ellie uses a pallet to cross deep water.
Which chapter contains an eye chart reading 'RUN YOU R NEARLY THERE DON'T QUIT'?Where are you most likely to see an eye chart?
What is the name of the character (from the sewers) based on Isherwood Williams from George R Stewart's book 'Earth Abides'?Whose name sounds similar to Isherwood?
Name one chapter that contains no infected enemies.There are only 2 in the whole game (excluding Jackson).
In which chapter does the player first encounter a Bloater?'Sorry to interrupt your little biology lesson, but can we get the f*** out of here, please?'
In which chapter is an Uncharted board game and a Jak and Daxter board game visible?Where is there a toy shop in the game?

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