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'Should I write these on my Palm Pilot, or crochet them on pillows?'
'What are you, my priest?'
'Good God, Gibbs. I’ve barely met the deceased!'
'I think it means I just have to hijack Air Force One. '
'Hey, you could be the NCIS poster girl in that outfit!'
'I get to do forensics?'
'Nope. You fall in the category of want to get kicked in the ass on the ground.'
'Very good, Agent Todd. Very good.'
'Four? No, four's unlucky in China. '
'Do I look like a lawyer?'
'What does it for me, Tony, is a mystery that you will never solve.'
'Why do I feel like a high school principal?'
'Wow. That was very smart Tony!'
'Well if you'll excuse me, I'll get our poor seaman out of his wet clothes. '
'I say it's time we turn out the lights and play in the dark.'
'He does this just to screw with me - don't you?'
'I can't wait to weigh your liver.'
'One more and bada-bing-bada-boom!'
'Oh, and here's the big whoop!'
'You should wash your hands with soap for saying that.'
'Jeez, Gibbs, even I know what Punk'd is.'
'Well, then, don't yell 'Fore' when I have a niblick in my hand.'
'Is that why you've been shoving water down my throat for the past hour?'
'Do not 'sir' me. I work for a living.'
'Ready to have your world rocked again?'
'You know, Abby, sometimes the dead make more sense to me than the living.'
'Good news, Commander. It took ten years, but we located your luggage.'
'I miss canvas seats.'
'Five years with Gibbs? Amazed the guy didn't end up in a straitjacket.'
'I know what's in the special sauce.'

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