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'What? No balloons?'
'Long live the Queen.'
'He's very sensitive to the word liar these days.'
'Everybody else gave you up for dead, even Ziva.'
'Excellent balance and weight. The edge is a little dull, but I've always admired it.'
'I sent you an email, for a leave request like two days ago about this. You don't check your email! Never mind.'
'Abby has to pee.'
'Stay, Palmer! You stay in the car!'
'The frog is dead and the Jesters have been kicked out of the kingdom.'
'I did not get out of the car.'
'I love you, McGee. I promise never to give you a hard time again.'
'Sometimes I worry about that young man.'
'Mislaid your arms dealer, that's gotta be embarrassing.'
'Tony I think it's time you get back on that horse.'
'Stop looking at my ass.'
'They did not name it the Puppy!'
'Couple? Us? No, no, we.....'
'Well, maybe I need a little more, McGee! Ever think of that? Baby missing!'
'I recognize that look. You've had sex and I'm guessing it was with a girl.'
'Do you think he should divorce himself from this case, Col. Mann?'
'He didn't have the damn plague!'
'Gonna be your dreams, one day, too, DiNozzo.'
'You bring me hair, you bring me blood, you bring me fluids, and you bring me mercury!'
'Once in a blue lagoon.'
'My dear fellow, I never believed it for a moment. Welcome home.'
'A... A... Playboy...it's a school, Carson...are you sure you don't know Tony DiNozzo?'
'Unfortunately thanks to Semper Fido he's never gonna roll over.'
'You never really thought it couldn end any other way.'
'No I'm good. I got the one arm.'
'Put a muzzle on yourself McGee. It's not like he shot you.'

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