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Can you name the Ham-Ham members??

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Owned by Laura and is very courageous
Owned by Maria and has a crush on Hamtaro
Owned by Kana and loves sunflower seeds
The self-proclaimed leader of the Ham-Hams
Owned by June, she is a very maternal Ham-Ham that wears a pink scarf
Owned by Kylie, the youngest Ham-Ham that wears a yellow blanket
Owned by the eldest son of a bookstore owner, he is the smartest Ham-Ham
Owned by Hillary, she is very sporty and has a twin brother
Owned by Noel, He is often seen with a skateboard or maracas and has a twin sister
Owned by Goldie, he is a Ham-Ham notorious for telling bad jokes
A Ham-Ham that is usually sleeping
Owned by Curtis, this Ham-Ham has markings around his eyes that resemble glasses
Owned by Kip and Sue, this Ham-Ham loves hats
Owned by Mimi, this Ham-Ham is a carpenter
This Ham-Ham speaks in rhymes, he often carries a guitar
Owned by Maggie O'Hara, this Ham-Ham has magic powers that she gains from her cape
Owned by Maggie O'Hara, this Ham-Ham has magic powers that she gains from the blush on her cheeks

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