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One shot of Whiskey River and she was gone, long gone
When they strap me in this chair I hope she forgives me for leavin' her this way
There's absolutely positively no doubt in my mind That O.J. did it, Lee Harvey didn't and she's really gone this time
one means none and we're home free two means three and a diamond ring
I 'd love to see my mama Maybe go for a drive But I gotta play the star in some little town again tonight
I wanna be front porch rockin with a big sun droppin in a blue sky kick back and get high
Yeah I love scuffed up cowboy boots And broken tore up jeans A four wheel drive, eight point bucks And rocky road ice cream
Kick back, gives the blues a spin Break out the wine, forget again Dig down deep, find my stash Light it up, take me back
An' tip our hats An' raise our glasses of cold, cold beer They say country's fadin
Only a fool would keep a diamond ring In a box on the top of his closet He came so close, he almost asked It was right there in his pocket
She got away with everything that I had goin' And she got away before I could make it all alright

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