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'This is a disaster, there's someone from immigration due right now'
'I just can't believe you lied to me and Mike'
'Look i know its a stupid rule, but ... stupid rule's are made to be broken'
'I like the new look Tracy, Haha!'
'They sleep in the same bed, Ade has nightmares, and the scabies are alot better now'
'I think the boys like the hampster'
'Yeah we could walk around with dressing gowns, and towels on our heads'
'The phone's ringing'
'You hid in the rubbish tip'
'Bean bags, we will have to make it comfy for them'
'You mean money?'
'Na food?'
'Manchester United!'
'Cam probably would have asked me she just ... forgot'
'Going missing IS the short term plan'
'They're parasites that burrow under your skin'

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