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'I know you didn't mean anything bad by it'
'You're all grounded, nobody leaves the building'
'Yeah, cos there's Rosie and Poppy's old room'
'I felt sorry for her, poor girl's been bored out of her wits'
'Mike's going to go ballistic'
'If you had to go to colour coats, how would you go?'
'We are not leaving that room until we are finished'
'My room is already a work of art'
'Jeff doesn't want a change'
'if we're going for a fresh start then can i change rooms?'
'All we gotta do is stick it in the drier and we're done'
'Can i paint my room the same colour that it already is now?'
'No, I bet he's been fostered'
'I think it's important to have somewhere just about you'
'I've packed your things, you're going back home'
'I thought you'd think i was too boring, so i made something up'
'Oh is this the boy you were chatting about?'
'Welcome to the world of business'

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