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Can you name the Ghouls of Monster High?

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HintAnswerFun Fact
Loves music and vintage red
An environmentally friendly ghoul
The invisible boy who has a crush on Frankie
RAD hating human who is jealous of Frankie
From a mexican heritage; a very new ghoul at school
Monster High's love advisor
The backup crew for Toralei Stripe
Only human at Monster High
Has a pet named Count Fabulous
A ghost who loves to blog
Lagoona Blue's boyfriend
RAD loving boy who filmed 'The Ghoul Next Door'
Surgeon human who is a father
One of two daughters of Ramses De Nile
Only 15 days old
A very smart, but slow ghoul
Lala's uncle who is a vampire
A dragon girl from Asia
HintAnswerFun Fact
Jackson/Holt's mom who is also a science teacher
Has green snakes for hair
Very old fashioned and the daughter of a mad scientist
Daughter of the mummy
Has a gargoyle pet and sinks like the stone in water
The only girl triplet in the Wolf family
A fire elemental who has a crush on Ghoulia Yelps
A yeti who can sometimes be cold
The outgoing daughter of the Carver family; from the books
A very mean ghoul who is always seen with two other cats
A werewolf who loves to play casketball
Music-loving and only comes out when it's hot
Headless principal of Monster High
Always says 'Fur Real?'
From the ocean
An overprotective father based off of the Egyptian religion
Normal human from the books

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