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Can you name the facts and characters from the hit series, The Kingdom Keepers?

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HintAnswerUseless trivia
The leader of the DHIs
The voodoo queen from Pirates
The center of the Magic Kingdom
Sassy and complaining blond DHI
The title of the fourth novel
The most horrible villain that Walt Disney ever created
Old Imagineer who helps the DHIs
Villian from Snow White who is easily distracted by her reflection
Maleficent's 'daughter' who turns out to be good and beautiful
The cold creature that can turn into a bat
The term used to describe a person who is fairly human
The kingdom where the second book takes place
Evil Overtaker with green skin and a cold aura
The bully OTK
The series of underground area for the staff at Magic Kingdom
The daughter of an imagineer
HintAnswerUseless trivia
The title of the third novel
The housekeeper at the house where the two fairlies stay
Mean pirate who shoots a DHI with a laser
One of the DHI's paint a plate helpers and family member
Smart and reliable DHI
Vows to protect Finn in his domain, if spoken a certain starfish code
Author of the Kingdom Keepers
The staircase inside Magic Kingdom
The unbelievable DHI who is very large
Main characters love intrest who is a big help
A food that attacks Willa and Finn
Name of the cruise ship's boat from the 5th book
The title of the first novel
The title of the second novel
British and extremely smart DHI

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