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When batting, Dan skied a simple catch and was for just three runs.Eastern European City
If you ski, everyone thinks you must have stacks of money.Eastern European City
Depending on what system you have previously used, you must interpret or I am not sure assistance can be given here.African capital city
What sickness do you suffer from most? Are you a) sea b) car c)air or d)noneAfrican capital city
The mood in the church changed. It suddenly became very sombre.Men who had served under him openly wept.German city
'Right, I want all those born in October and November lined up now please'.German city
The sign was clear. Knock Enter and Report to the Desk ClerkEnglish county
The instruction manual gave you the option to let it stand or set in the seated positionEnglish county
My brother was in a gang.You didn't mess with his gang, especially if you came from over the river.River
'And in the Premier League , there was a disappointing result for the blue half of Merseyside with the scoreline being Norwich City Nil Everton Nil.River
Bonus for the US city in the title lineBonus US City

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