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Kids today have calculators and computers to help them whereas we only had our brains and, if needed, a number line.EuroCapCity
Of all the Greek islands, Skiathos looks the quietest so we wont be going there, then.EuroCapCity
How could we miss our intended target by such a wide margin was beyond me.US State
The Devils victory over Montreal made them clear leaders of the division with only three games left. US State
Proper understanding of the machine and its components is important if you are to progress.Nth/Cent/SthAmerCntry
With its huge wingspan, a major advantage when crossing oceans, the Albatross is the supreme long haul bird. Nth/Cent/SthAmerCntry
The patient was nervous about the operation. The blurred vision in his right eye mentioned at the initial examination, had worsened. Asian Country
One paltry donation of an old army tunic was all they could muster between them.Asian Country
The new Professor soon had everyones attention. He modernised phonetics, revamped didactics and was about to stir linguistics up into a frenzy. Scottish City
Choice at breakfast used to mean cornflakes with or without milk. But now, the choice is vast although the question stll remains, is muesli good for you?Irish County
They got the winches terribly tangled up and, indeed, the descent was aborted when it was deemed too dangerous.English City (hint - 10 letters)
Rick was a big fan of the Bruins and went to most Patriots games but he had supported his beloved Red Sox for decadesEnglish City

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