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1. Not long to go now but ahead of them was a tricky climb.US state
2. 'Like I said before, go now and we'll catch you up later'.US state
3. 'It was a large puma-like cat' said the man who'd spotted it. 'A lynx, perhaps'.European country
4. He entered the flat via an open window close to the fire escape.European country
5. It was quite a shock. A bullet missed them by only a few feet.Asian capital city
6. 'Listen, babe, I jingle my car keys in my pocket out of habit, nothing else'.Asian capital city
7. It was very informal. A wide variety of outfits were worn and everybody had fun.African country
8. He took the drug and a few hours later, he was fast asleep, snoring like a baby.African country
9. My husband Robert runs the business and I assist him. I am involved in sorting the orders and paying the bills.US city
10. Whenever she makes me a sandwich, it always has mayonaisse in, which I don't like.US city

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