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1-6 Premier Lge and 7-10 ChampionshipTeam
1. Did you see Usain Bolt on the telly break the world record?
2. He wouldn't go out in public without his wig and his contact lenses.
3. Gerbils are quite a handful. Hamsters are much nicer.
4. '....and whosoever shall stand in our path shall be split asunder. Land nor sea shall provide shelter from our wrath'
5. The road seemed to stretch on for ever and ever. Tony kept his foot hard down on the throttle pedal and his eyes on the road.
6. 'The tornado came from the South-West. OK, every one is safe but lots of property has been damaged'.
7. Every month the local witches got together for their coven. Try to gatecrash it at your peril.
8. The magician removed the handkerchief and uttered the magic words 'abracadabra' and wow!, hey presto, nothing but a single feather. The dove had vanished.
9. The time was a new lap record. It smashed the old time and was under by nearly two seconds.
10. When Peter bought the car, different prices applied and it was much cheaper.

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