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Forced Order
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HintAnswerAlso known as
ApoliticalSpectrum, Tesseract, Electro Empire
Swiss RhapsodyMy Searching, Cute British Set Up
Nova Scotia-
The Unknown-
Crazy Days-
Policing the Jackson FunkAlien Funk, Dark Skies
Timescale KeeperMajestic Blue, Burning Bandits, Pee Candle, Defunct Lies, ...
Happy Love-
Debase Masons GrogCold Aqua Tomato, Demonocracy, Starship Clouds, Evaluating Mortals, ...
HintAnswerAlso known as
Synthy Dreams-
EmergencyNew Piano
Church of the SubGeniusDead End Street, Faith, Cuts and Bruises
Instant Messenger-
Razor BladesGlossy Magazines, Razor Optics, Host No Thrills
Action Faust-
Rusty One-
Billions of Digits Carved Into Tablets of Crystal-
Thoughts of a Dying AtheistGo Forth and Multiply
EarthquakeNatural Disaster
Scaring Me-
Virtual Reality-

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