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Aeschylus' 'Persians'
Aristophanes' 'Clouds'
Beginning of Hoplite Warfare
Battle of Issus
Fall of Troy
Solon Reforms
Battle of Actium
End of Bronze Age
End of Archidamian War
End of Minoan Civilization
Megara Decree
Aeschylus' 'Prometheus Bound'
Beginning of Bronze Age
Beginning of Archidamian War
Beginning of Minoan Civilization
Destruction of Melos
Herodous' Histories
Corinth Destroyed
Darius' Campaign into Greece
Battle of Thermopylae
Beginning of Hellenistic Period
Alexander the Great's Campaign in Asia
Tyranny begins in Athens
End of Classical Period
Battle of Gaugemela
Draconian Law implemented in Athens
End of Hellenistic Period
Battle of Plataea
Battle of Issus
Beginning of Dark Ages
Aristophanes' 'Lysistrada'
Battle of Granicus
End of Mycenaean Empire
Antigonids rule Macedon
Beginning of Classical Period
Beginning of Archaic Period
Beginnng of Sicilian Campaign
End of Ionian War
Ptolemy begins rule over Egypt
Corcyra Revolt
End of Antigonids rule of Macedon
End of Dark Ages
End of Sicilian Campaign
Battle of Marathon
Beginning of Mycenaean Empire
Trial and Execution of Socrates
End of Seleucids
Beginning of Ionian War
Battle of Leucta
Battle of Hysiae
Siege of Syracuse
Battle of Salamis
Revolt of Mytilene
Death of Alexander
Egypt becomes part of the Roman Empire
Foundation of Delian League
End of Archaic Period

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